caught in the act

i go on facebook all the time at work. in between tasks, during tasks, instead of tasks. i feel like it gives my mind a chance to breathe (that is, it gives my eyes a chance to look at photos of hot chicks i don’t know that well). the other day, though, while i was looking at slutty halloween pictures, someone started facebook chatting me: my boss. “how’s that project coming along, tim?” my heart nearly dropped out of my asshole. i was caught, dead to rights. i knew i was an idiot to accept my boss’s friend request! i figured the best thing to do was just not to answer. “come on, tim, don’t be rude. i can see you’re at your computer.” and he could. fuck. i decided, like an idiot, to perpetuate the lie: “Oops, this is actually Tim’s mom. I thought I was on my account! Timmy must have forgotten to sign off when he went to work this morning. By the way, he loves his job and he’s just crazy about that boss of his! Who is this, by the way?” my boss saw right through it. “how dumb do you think i am, tim?” “not dumb at all. very smart, actually, sir,” i said, hoping some ass-kissing might save me late in the game. “if i catch you on facebook again, you’re fired.” and that is why i now go invisible every morning before i go to work.


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1 Response to “caught in the act”

  1. 1 ashley December 1, 2010 at 10:53 PM

    eww i bet you’re looking at me. you perv.

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