A damp, long commute

My job is fine. Well, my internship is fine. The commute, however? Not so fine. I live on an island off of the coast of Seattle. Sounds awesome, right. Well, it is. Except for the fact that it takes me around 2 hours each day to commute to work. And part of that trip includes a ferry ride. Yes, I have to transfer from a ferry. That means I’m waking up around 430am every morning and getting home around 730pm. And I’m always arriving at work or home feeling damp. Whether its from the ridiculous amounts of rain or the ocean mist, I can’t manage to get rid of that cold, wet feeling… ever. Plus, I think I’m paying more in transportation costs than I am actually making with my intern’s salary. So as luxurious as living on an island sounds… its really not. Well, maybe if you work at a banana stand in the Bahamas or something.


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